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La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment

La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment

Do you have frizzy, coarse hair?

You can opt for La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment to get silky, smooth hair for four months straight. With a blend of keratin and collagen, all types of hair can be transformed into manageable, beautiful tresses with minimum side effects. It is a natural form of hair treatment that enhances the strength and volume of each strand. Your hair will look amazing in all kinds of weather conditions. No rain, perspiration, or cold wind will make your hair frizzy once you opt for this revolutionary treatment.

At the Michel Rene Hair Salon and Spa, we have a team of expert estheticians to offer this hassle-free treatment with little or no adverse effect on your hair. But first of all, you should all about it. Let us help you by answering some of the common queries that people may have about the La Brasiliana Keratin treatment.
Can I do it on colored hair?
Yes, you may. We even recommend that you get your hair colored first before opting for the La Brasiliana keratin treatment. If you are unable to do that, wait for at least two weeks before coloring your tresses.
Can I do it on chemically-treated hair?
Yes, it is safe to do it on chemically-treated hair, as it is a natural process that strengthens your hair naturally. It may even minimize the effects of chemicals on your hair.
Is it okay to wet my hair after the treatment?
No, you should wait for four days before applying water to your hair. It is best to use a cap or a scarf while going out to prevent getting your hair wet. In case it gets wet accidentally, blow-dry and flat-iron immediately.
What shampoo do you recommend I use on the treated hair?
You may need to refrain from using a shampoo that has sodium chloride as one of the ingredients. It is best to choose keratin and UV protected shampoo after the La Brasiliana Keratin treatment. If you wish, we can help you pick the best product.
Why get La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment from us?
Our seasoned professionals are aware of all the nitty-gritty of this mind-blowing hair treatment to minimize chances of errors. We also inform our clients about the process, its effects and maintenance requirements. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we can go the extra mile to achieve it.

Do you have any other queries about this natural hair treatment? Let us know, so we can clarify your doubts and help you enjoy the process with a relaxed mindset.


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