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Brazilian Blow-Out

Brazilian Blow-out

If your hair seems unmanageable at times, and if you do not feel like touching it, you may need to get a keratin treatment to enhance luster, softness, and increase manageability. The Brazilian blow-out treatment can be your best bet. However, you need to know all about it before making a decision.
What is a Brazilian blow-out?
The natural keratin treatment involves using a liquid keratin formula that bonds with your hair readily and eliminates frizz, reduces coarseness, and forms a protective protein layer around each strand, thus promoting overall hair quality. It also seals the cuticle to prevent damage by external conditions. The mild formula of the Brazilian Blow-out treatment allows for diverse styling as the tresses get stronger. However, you need to wait for at least four days before styling your hair, the same way for other keratin treatments. Authentic Brazilian blow-outs are rare, so you should opt for a reliable salon specialized in the treatment.
A brief history of Brazilian Blow-out
The treatment was initially developed for the models to keep their hair manageable and straight for at least a week to complete the photoshoot in time. Ribiero Paulo, a hairstylist from Ireland, developed the Brazilian blow-out in Aguas de Lindoia Brazil as the models’ makeup and hairdo. However, the initial process showed some demarcation, while the modern Brazilian blow-out ensures minimum demarcation. The latter also looks and feels more natural than its predecessors.
What are the benefits of this hair treatment?
It is incredibly safer and healthier than many other temporary hair smoothening methods. Not only it straightens your strands, but also improves its moisture-retention abilities and shine. Although some people assume that the formaldehyde in the solution may damage the hair in the long run, we want to assure you that it involves as much chemical as any other regular cosmetics, like nail polish. However, the hairstylist needs to be careful while using the flat iron and not go too hard with it.
The key benefit of this treatment that makes it stand out is the reduced level of demarcation. When the effects start to wear off, you will notice your original curls coming back around the hairline. Even if you do not retouch it, your original curly hair will not show as distinctly as it does with other hair smoothening or straightening processes. It is also safe on colored hair, as it closes the hair shaft completely.
Why opt for a Brazilian blow-out at Michel Rene Salon and Spa?
• We offer authentic Brazilian blow-out treatment with all its advantages
• Our professionals are careful with each piece of equipment, reducing chances of errors
• We inform our clients about the nitty-gritty of the treatment
• We even update our clients about post-treatment maintenance
• Our hairstylists are prompt and professional to the T
• We offer post-treatment advice and services if need be
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